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In the name of God

Royan Tajhiz Jam Company, relying on the Exalted God and the 10-year experience of its shareholders in managerial, technical and executive affairs, was founded in the year 2002.
The specialty and knowledge of the founders from target markets caused that the activity of this company, for meeting the needs of petroleum, gas, petrochemical, power plant and steel industries, would be concentrated on two following sectors:



1- Designing and manufacturing kinds of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers and Air Cooled Condensers,
2- Supplying kinds of Alloy Tubes, Finned Tubes, U-Tubes, Tube Sheets, Flanges, etc.
Establishing a factory at Sepehr Nazarabad Industrial Zone and activating foreign trading unit caused that this company, with an acceptable ascending trend, stabilized its place before refinery, power plant and steel industries.
Agreement and unanimity among the hard-working managers and personnel of this company, on one hand, and their guidance, on the other hand, have provided a proper basis with a sincere atmosphere in a manner that the obligations of this manufacturing, engineering and trading complex would be fulfilled with the highest quality.
Royan Tajhiz Company, as a member of Society of Iranian Petroleum Industry Equipments Manufacturers (S.I.P.I.E.M), does proud that it succeeded to perform its obligations well to esteemed customers, hoping to response more demands made by target market through providing more appropriate basis.

Head Office : Factory :
Unit 9,4th Floor, Bldg. No.103, Khoramshahr Ave. Tehran-Iran Farvardin St., Kar Afarinan Blvd. Sepehr Industrial Zone, Nazar Abad, 85th Km of Tehrab-Ghazvin Rd., Iran
Tel : (9821) 88752714-17   Fax : (9821) 88750630 Tel : (9826) 45332546-48   Fax : (9826) 45332549
Email : info@royantajhiz.com
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